In the 19th century, A. M. Tallibert, who was just coming back from Constantinople, fell in love with the location. He ordered the building of a villa in the style of the time, which he later had demolished to build a manor, in a Breton style, with pink granite from Perros.

As for the garden, it was created by Aristide Tallibart around 1880. A lot of paths were drawn, many of them in the rock, alongside two cascades, ponds and a water jet in the main courtyard.

Exotic trees were also planted: Douglas, Douglas firs, Lambertania cypresses, purple cypresses, sequoias, ginkgos…

L’ancien manoir

Photo de famille


After the death of Tallibert, Kestellic was sold to several successive owners, before being bought, in 1943, by M. Pierre Foucret, director of the Moulin Rouge cabaret.

In 1947, the marquis Yan de Kerouartz acquired the dwelling.

From 1970, Yan de Kerouartz, having noticed the incredible microclimate of Kestellic, started planting a large number of exotic species (from South Africa, Central and South America, New Zealand etc.). Especially worth mentioning is the grove of Australian tree ferns (Dicksonia Antartica), the unique example you can find in North-West France.

The garden was classified as an Additional Inventory of Historical Monuments in 1992 and later received the Remarkable Garden label.

Yan’s son, Gaël de Kerouartz, took the reins in 1995.


Today, the exotic garden represents more than 7 hectares and houses more than 1800 species from the five continents.

The view on the river and the town of Tréguier contribute to making the Kestellic such a unique site. There is a fifty meters difference between the lower part of the garden and its highest point.

The garden’s parcel that overlooks the Jaudy and Tréguier, hurtles down the pink granite terrain, itself crossed by sinuous paths, adorned with ponds, bowls, cascades and additional streams. Within this protected environment, you can discover numerous exotic and luxurious plants.

These plants of all the temperate zones on the planet, come from Australia just as well as Himalaya, New Zealand, California, South America or China. A journey around the world, without even leaving the Jaudy shores.